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History and Growth of St.  Joseph’s Educational Institutions

The Roman Catholic Mission has contributed tremendously towards the growth and development of the people all over the world. Its yeoman service and contributions in the field of education are held in high esteem especially in a country like ours. The immediate need is to open the eyes of the poor towards education. Therefore the missionaries started the first institution in 1820. Thus we are the pioneers of education in the Nilgiris. The College is managed by the Nilgiris Diocesan Society of Ootacamund.
The College is situated at the top of St. Mary’s Hill, beside the historic St. Mary’s church, an ancient landmark for Udhagamandalam. It is located adjacent to St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School started 187 years ago. Like its patron, St. Joseph, this institution aims to create, mould and perfect the students under its care to compete in this modern world with a new vision in the future and to create a better society in the Nilgiris. The serene and sylvan campus is free from noise pollution and other disturbances of a city and provides ambient conditions for studies as it is surrounded by many educational institutions. It provides a salubrious climate for the development of students with an integrated personality. The college is easily accessible as it is situated just 1km away from the bus stand and the railway station. The public transport system and the institutional buses provide easy access to rural and urban students. The campus is like what Wordsworth had said in an immortal way:

One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man
Of moral evil and of good
Than all the sages can.